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2021-07-07 17:31:30

The tableware produced by pulp molding technology are really environmenta protection products. They are made of natural plant fiber and have no pollution in production and use Pulp molding products, in addition to replacing disposable pastc tableware has a postive role, but also widely used n the packagng and transportation of industrial products and other fields. Pulp molded products are gradually enterng the mainstream of commercial activties. It s the best substitute for EPS.

Jiangyin Hugo Technoogy Co., Ltd provides advanced technology pup molding production equipment and related high-quality industrial packaging products. Our equipment included 950 automatc pup moding production line, 950 semi-automatic producton line, 760 manual machine, 1200 automatic production ne, a kinds of setting machines, shaping machines, etc., professional manufacturers, patented technology, superior performance, efficient production low energy consumpton, Humanized design, fast delivery, high quality and good price, welcome to

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